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A professor and student in lab coats work together in a biochemistry lab

Research Assistant Professor Rick Cooley works with graduate student Sara McGee in OSU's GCE4All center.

Revealing how life works for the benefit of all

Our department maintains leadership in basic and translational science, investigating the molecular determinants of disease such as protein interactions, chromosome stability, the movement of organelles and repair on the cellular level. These findings deepen our scientific understanding of conditions like cancer, hearing impairment and immune dysfunction. We proud to host to the highest-powered NMR in the region, and in 2022, supported the launch of the world’s first-ever genetic code expansion center.

Research areas in biochemistry and biophysics

Our researchers pursue fundamental knowledge and critical solutions to advance human health research and better the scientific community as a whole. We offer a diversity of research ranging from protein structure to cellular biology, and protein engineering to bioinformatics.

Postdoctoral scholars and fellows

Postdocs are an integral part of the research programs in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, and our faculty have both the expertise and dedication to your success to help you gain professional experience and jump-start your career goals.

Undergraduate research opportunities

As an undergraduate in our program, you are encouraged to develop your critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills by engaging in research projects as early as your first year at OSU. The department provides an excellent setting for research training, with opportunities to perform research for pay or for credit. Many additional faculty from departments around campus do biochemistry-related research and often mentor BB and BMB undergraduates in their research labs.

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Our department is well-equipped with research facilities including the region's only 800 mhz NMR and the world's first genetic code expansion center. We have in-house access to high-throughput DNA sequencing, analytical centrifugation, and computational resources, and are supported by additional facilities and staff in the Environmental Health Sciences Center and the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing.

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