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Mathews Graduate Fellowship Biochemistry & Biophysics

Mathews Graduate Fellowship Biochemistry & Biophysics

Chris and Kate Mathews

Chris and Kate Mathews at The Bungle Bungles National Park in Australia © Courtesy Chris and Kate Mathews

The endowed fellowship was established in the 2015-16 academic year by a gift from Biochemistry & Biophysics Emeritus & Distinguished Professor Dr. Chris Mathews and his wife Kate. The award is based on academic merit, teaching acumen and research potential and is awarded every summer to a second year Ph.D. student. This award provides a quarterly stipend as well as a full tuition waiver for an entire academic year.

Dr. Mathews is an internationally recognized leader in biochemistry with a focus on enzymology, virology, and genetics. He has received significant attention for his work with nucleotide and coenzyme metabolism, DNA synthesis and replication and nucleic acid enzymology.

Dr. Mathews was a professor and chairman of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics as well as an OSU Distinguished Professor. While chair, he successfully grew the department while continuing his own research into enzymatic reactions, publishing several successful textbooks, teaching and mentoring graduate and postdoctoral students.

After 24 years of service to OSU, Dr. Mathews retired in 2002, but continues to be an mentor in the department.

    Mathews and past recipients

    Christopher and Catherine Mathews with past fellowship recipients (left to right) Ally Erlendson, Sanjay Ramprasad, Moriah Mathis, Kate Mathews, Chris Mathews and Brittany Lasher.

    Past winners


    • Moriah Mathis